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Construction Safety

Our team provides safety plans and OSHA logs to comply with Federal, State, and Local guidelines. Construction safety managers generally work in either an office environment or on a construction site.


Our team combines onsite inspections and directed safety plans that will meet your company’s needs. We will review your present health and safety plan and update as necessary. Our company’s goal is to prevent and minimize accidents and injuries to your company.


Our professionals may travel to construction sites to conduct safety audits. This may include checking for appropriate safety clothing or gear, as well as enforcing the display of safety signage. The company safety plan is the first step in having zero accidents and injuries on your job site.

iBAC - Basic Device

Our extremely accurate and discrete alcometer for monitoring offenders and use in treatment facilities and sobriety verification. Accurate BrAC results with deep alveolar air sample/fuel cell technology

  • GPS location delivered with each test taken

  • Ability to text offender and to receive text or email results and GPS position.

  • Easy to follow testing procedure with color coded test ready indictor and results of test.

  • Direct and simple to understand text or email results.

iBac Professional Device

With the iBAC, the company can ensure that staff meet the requirements for soberness before, during and at the end of a work shift with minimal impact to staff.

Proven sober – iBAC is ideal when you want to prove your sobriety for yourself, your family and friends. The size and handling makes it easy to always bring along.

With iBAC, any number of alcohol tests can be done at irregular times and with greater cost-efficiency. Thanks to the mobile link and the software, every exhalation test can also be integrated with and processed in the computer systems of the care institution.

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